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November 2023

ancient history fangirl

Ancient History Fangirl

Ancient History Fangirl

November 4, 20232:30 pm - 3:10 pm

Cleopatra was the queen of the epic backup plan. Her reaction to being backed into a corner was to dream big; to plot complex, ambitious escape routes that drew on her almost limitless resources as last Pharaoh of Egypt.

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Advent of Computing

Jenny Williamson is a writer, novelist, and co-creator of the Ancient History Fangirl podcast, which explores true stories and tall tales from the ancient world. She has always been obsessed with ancient history and mythology, and blends her love of both with her passion for writing and storytelling, making the stories she tells accessible for modern readers. She lives in Brooklyn and is co-author of the book Women of Myth, published with Adams Media.


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