Speaker: Chris Fernandez-Packham

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November 2023


Age of Victoria Podcast

Age of Victoria Podcast

November 4, 202312:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Join me at Intelligent Speech as we look at how poor planning and maintenance led to a breach in the Dale Dyke dam, sending a tsunami of water crashing through the Loxley Valley into Sheffield's bustling industrial center.

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Advent of Computing

I’m Chris Fernandez-Packham, the passionate and knowledgeable host of the Age of Victoria Podcast. An amateur historian at heart, I’m dedicated to uncovering the hidden gems as well as the great stories of the Victorian period. I am a trained philosopher and lawyer, with decades of experience in the British Civil Service, including constitutional law, national crisis management, and delivery of large scale public projects. Outside of work and podcasts, I love films, RPGs, reading, piano, the countryside, cooking, and a good single malt by the fire.

The Age of Victoria Podcast is a monthly show dedicated to unraveling the fascinating tapestry of Victorian history. With a deep-seated love for the intricacies of this era, I bring to life the stories, events, and characters that shaped the 19th century.