Ancient History Fangirl

Cleopatra was the queen of the epic backup plan. Her reaction to being backed into a corner was to dream big; to plot complex, ambitious escape routes that drew on her almost limitless resources as last Pharaoh of Egypt.

The Hellenistic Age Podcast

Join me to see why Alexander’s imperial ambitions failed, which ultimately gave birth to the Hellenistic period.

American History: Colonial Viewpoints

There were a lot of ways Pennsylvania could have gone. The fact that it ended up as part of a country that saw itself as ex-British was not the only direction things could have gone.

The Partial Historians

Love him or hate him, Augustus was a masterful politician and a survivor. Unfortunately, his heirs were not. Join the Partial Historians as they explore the train wreck that was Augustus' plan for succession.

Rejects & Revolutionaries

Explore the most infamous 17th Century Catholic contingency with a look into the Gunpowder Plot, the realities and events leading up to it, and how its effects resonated on both sides of the Atlantic.

Women’s Contingencies

What did women do, historically, when their "plan A" went "boots up."

History of Southeast Asia

Stories of how Thailand got what it wanted even when confronted by an enemy that was too strong for them to fight, by using guerrilla warfare, diplomacy, and at least one trick. 

History on Fire

Brotherly love tends to leave the building when the only thing standing between you and the crown is an unfortunate accident happening to your annoying older sibling.